Company Profile

Edu World Services is a wholly owned Malaysian company that specializes in the manufacture of a wide and diverse range of Furniture for all types of Office Environments and Educational Institutions, from University to Preschools, as well as Custom-Design, Built-in Furniture.


Since 1997, Edu-World Services has been directly involved in research and development, manufacturing, installation, implementation, and evaluation of projects throughout Malaysia and ASEAN Region. We are currently exporting to Singapore, Brunei, and Bahrain.

Edu World helps you

  • in managing your room layouts smartly, effectively and professionally
  • in providing a wide range of furniture products designed to help in creating better learning and working environments
  • In providing ideas, practical solutions and services that optimize the functioning of your room environments

Edu World proudly serves

Early Learning CentersEducational InstitutionsOffice Environments
  • Early Learning Centers
  • Educational Institutions
  • Office Environments

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FRISCO HB - 105212

Usually for Executive office Environments and Office Fronts.

Dimension and Weight
Width : 610 mm 
Depth : 540 mm 
Height : 1250 mm 
Weight : 30 kg

Chetwood Multiplex - 107718

Great choice for Public Libraries, Educational Institution and Offices.

Dimension and Weight
Width : 400 mm 
Depth : 300 mm 
Height : 1200 mm 
Weight : 0 kg 

Avery Computer Solo - 105277

Mainly for Kindergartens, Primary Schools, children's libraries, and homes.

Dimension and Weight
Width : 1000 mm 
Depth : 650 mm 
Height : 583 mm 
Weight : 25 kg 

Whiteboards CM - 107323

Very useful in Meeting Rooms and Computer Labs in Offices and Educational Institution.

Dimension and Weight
Width : 1830 mm 
Depth : 1830 mm 
Height : 0 mm 
Weight : 0 kg 

TV Rack - 107552

Good for Classrooms in Early Learning Environment.

Dimension and Weight
Width : 1200 mm 
Depth : 400 mm 
Height : 443 mm 
Weight : 40 kg 

DAHSHA Set - 107637

Excellent Option for Open Plan Work Environment.

NIFTY Bookshelf Ac - 107702

Well suited for Children's libraries, Book stores and in Early Learning Environment.

TORIUM Cozi T1 - 106622

Very popularly used in Auditoriums and Seminar Halls.